Vart kommer dessa sjuka drömmar ifrån? Inatt har jag gjort inbrott på kommunhuset för att leta dasspapper och fått huvudet avvridet av ngn. Helt slut av dessa drömmar så orkar knappt ngt idag:/ nåja blir ett kort & sent pass idag & sola osv.

Tänk vad roligt man kan ha på lunchen när mini matlådan är slut . Slappna av… Spänn….slappna av…spänn

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6 Responses to En trött dag

  1. Juan skriver:

    wow, you’ve grown a lot bigger :O GREAT JOB!

    PS: i know something about decoding dreams and such, text me anytime about it if you want ;)

  2. Ilias skriver:

    Hello How are you Sara you are beautiful i like your site and your pic ^^
    I have to notice in this photo that your arm really big I ask how much for the size of this attractive arm ?

    • Saraisaksson skriver:

      i meassured yesterday 41 cm not flexing 43 cm flexing but it’s a lot of fat :) i´m just fine here how are you? have a nice day and thank you for your kind words!

  3. markus skriver:

    Hej Sara i was following your blog and you’re doing an awesome progress, really impressive!
    How’s the diet going and what do u weigh right now?
    I know diet can be hard and very annoying, so good luck with everything! But to be honest i don’t really see a lot fat, you look amazing and beautiful, so don’t worry to musch about the diet ;)

  4. Ilias skriver:

    I am well thank you ans you ? :p the first one time when I see a beautiful girl as you are an angel furthermore kept silent sportswoman what I like I would like to get acquainted ;)

  5. Ilias skriver:

    Really big your arm I have just seen how much the size of my arm it is 18,5 cms I have 23 years old also im shy


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