Well hello there triceps!

Morgoncardion gjord. Frullen satt fint. Skavsår på 3 tår & båda hälsenorna. Trasiga skor så jag fick promenera i lyftar/boxar skor. Inte optimalt. Satte duschcremen i håret. Försökte låsa hemmadörren med bilnyckeln & förstod inte varför den inte låste sig när jag stod med knappen & tröck? ;) Morgonen kan inte bli så mkt bättre.

Igår kunde jag köra bröst i cablemaskinen utan att få speciellt ont. Ett framsteg.


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7 Responses to Hello triceps!

  1. James skriver:

    Hi Sara! Your looking so great right now! Look at the size of that arm! Your making me feel very small and weak over here. You’ve got to post some measurements soon so that we can all see, I really want to know how big those arms are!


    • Saraisaksson skriver:

      Hi James! Oh thank you so much for your kind words! haha don’t feel weak! i will put up my meassurements but it will be in centimeter. right now my arms is about 42 centimeter but it´s a lot of fat.

  2. Juan skriver:

    cool! you’re getting more marked now, that’s great :D

    keep kicking fat’s ass!

  3. Markus skriver:

    Hej Sara i just came across your blog and i really like it!
    I think you are a very good example to show the people that a women can be muscular and still look feminine and very beautiful at the same time.
    And you’re not fat at all, i think u look fantastic just the way you are!
    Keep going and good luck

    • Saraisaksson skriver:

      Hi Markus!
      Thank you so much! i will write sometimes in english for you all. I always forget that!
      Thanks you SO much for you kind words. Really! i do wish that more people can understand that you don’t have to be look like a man just beacause you have muscles.
      Have a nice day and thank you!

  4. Markus skriver:

    awww that was a sweet reply, thx for that and i’m so happy u like my comment!
    I wish u the very best and I will read your blog in the future for sure, u rock Sara ;)

  5. Ulf skriver:

    Hi Sara and James
    Blev precis klar med mina mätningar och måttbandet visar 14 cm i omkrets utan fett och silicon.


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